Don’t be surprised if you don’t see new entries here during next week. I am on vacation – far away from computers and internet. I am going to Nessebar – on the coast of Black sea. 😀

Firefox updated

Since Mozilla announced their decision to work more focused on Firefox they started to deliver updates more often for the browser. I believe that more poeple working on Firefox can deliver nothing else but good – so *thumbs up* If you use Firefox, update it to 1.0.6 And one more information – expect new version… Continue reading Firefox updated

Look & feel

If you haven’t noticed 😛 i have changed skin of the blog. I also moved all components in one column (the right one). Yesterday I added some short (very short) info about me and contact information on top right part of the page. And, finally, there is a small picture of me in the header.

quote of the day

Времето все не стига, колкото и да е голямо денонощието. (The time is not enough all the time, nevermind how long is the day – my translation) by Bogomil

Serendipity is the best

This blog uses Serendipity. And it has more than everything I need. Today I found out one interesting thing. Here is the story: when you enter a comment to my entry, you have to enter one code (automatically generated by script in order to prevent spam). If you enter a wrong one, the comment will… Continue reading Serendipity is the best

Another service from google

This might be old news, but it is new for me 🙂 Take a look at this page: And you should know that pigeons work at google 😀

two great links

Yes, it is a sleep-sleep time, but as you can see – I am awake 😉 And I just found two interesting links:

My blog in bulgarian

I thought that there is no way of reading the whole blog in bulgarian, it looked to me that one should click on select language: bulgarian, english in order to see the entry in different language. And he should do it for every single entry, over and over again. But, I was wrong. Currently you… Continue reading My blog in bulgarian

To squash or not to squash

Dincho was talking about squash for some time, and I decided to try it, too. So, yesterday we went to the place where he squashes 🙂 I thought that I wont like this sport – it seemed too chaotic to me. But, actually it is very interesting and addicting. And calorie consuming 🙂 I might… Continue reading To squash or not to squash