AI Images – experiments

Here is one my first experiments by using the same seed and very similar prompts: Naturally, I also made my own avatars, before it was cool: Of course, there was also a lot of just plain experimentation and exploration of the latent space. And I said, let’s make an avatar for my co-creator too: However,… Continue reading AI Images – experiments

Cheap useful tools for dads

Kids break toys. But most toys can be fixed or at least patched back.

It’s also better for the environment and your budget. Here are a few affordable yet super useful items that I frequently use:

Rob dot Top

I’ve moved my personal site to a new domain. Much easier to spell 🙂 I intend to start blogging again and to finally pay some attention to this site. There is a lot going on with my online presence, but most is off this site. I might pull everything together here. We’ll see. As evident… Continue reading Rob dot Top