Cheap useful tools for dads

Kids break toys. But most toys can be fixed or at least patched back.

It’s also better for the environment and your budget. Here are a few affordable yet super useful items that I frequently use:

1. Hot Glue Gun

I have probably fixed dozens and dozens of toys with just a little bit of hot glue. It’s quick, easy to use, dries fast, and can be useful for many other fixes needed around the home.

This is the item that made me to create this post. I did not know I needed it, but it is so useful.

2. Quick Glue

Similar to a hot glue gun, quick (or super) glue is another versatile item. If it is a broken toy part, however, I’d probably opt for hot glue as it usually has more holding power to resist those strong kid hands from ripping them apart again. I use it with an activator spray which makes the adhesion instant.

3. WD-40

Something squeaks? WD-40 can do wonders. It’s great for fixing hinges, loosening rusted bolts, and even preventing corrosion on metal surfaces.

4. Screwdriver Set

I have two sets: one with super small tips and one with “regular” ones. I can open up pretty much any toy, to replace batteries or to adjust a broken mechanism inside.

A small cordless drill which can use tips from your sets is also very handy.

5. Various Tapes

Duct tape is a classic, but I use painters tape more frequently. It does not stick strongly but also allows you to write on top of it, which is great if you have a kid that likes to write and/or draw.

6. Very sharp blade

Due to my woodworking hobby, I have a few sharp blades in my shop. From a nice marking knife through utility knife to big chisels: a sharp blade allows me to open up and cut through things with precision and without force.

7. Colours

Some toys can be painted on. Choose kid safe colours and make them new or different.

8. Pliers

All pliers are handy. I’d advise to have a pair of each type.

Warning note:

Keep sharp tools in a safe place! Apply common sense and make sure that kids to not ingest any of the glue particles pre or post glueing!

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