3D logic

One great logical flash game (by Microgames) Check your 3D logic I am stuck on level 16 (there are 30 levels) Update 1: I solved all 30 levels 😀 Update 2: Since I was asked (both in comments and on email) how to pass level 16, I have played the game again and made a… Continue reading 3D logic

Ordu – friends

This summer I went to photography seminar in Ordu, Turkey. It was very interesting to meet people from other countries and practice my english 🙂 I have uploaded photo gallery named Friends. Its purpose is to show all of us who were there, so don’t be too hard on me for them Friends from Ordu… Continue reading Ordu – friends

Z-Rock radio

I used to listen rock (and some other styles, but mainly ROCK – Serbian, Bulgarian, world). For some time (years) I somehow changed my music taste and started to listen some other styles. Today I opened web page of Bulgarian Z-Rock radio . They have online radio, so I tried it. And … it rocks!… Continue reading Z-Rock radio

Balcan Ensemble Photo Session

I have no time in last few weeks, so sorry for not posting any photographs. Here is one old photo session: junior gallery senior gallery comments, critiques and suggestions are welcomed

New skin

I upgraded serendipity to the 1.2 branch. Since the old template has been arround for some time, I decided to change it. I installed Competition template by David Cummins. The previous template was with fixed width, so I kind of wanted to experiment with adjustable widh skin. I like the collors and warm feel that… Continue reading New skin

Captcha plugin

I am thinking to remove captcha plugin from my comments form. It prevents people using non-visual web browsers to comment. And, it is annoying for others (at least I know, I dont like them) But, this plugin (together with 2 more) is helping me to filter all the spam. I usually have about 100-150 spam… Continue reading Captcha plugin

Firefox extensions

Here is a list of Firefox extensions that I use: DOM inspector – DOM Inspector is a tool that can be used to inspect and edit the live DOM of any web document or XUL application. Talkback – submit a ceash report to Mozilla.org ForecastFox – Forecastfox is an extension that brings international weather from… Continue reading Firefox extensions

Jamendo sidebar removed

After one month of free advertizing from me, I am removing the Jamendo sidebar reasons: – it looks ugly (at least on black design) – it slows page display I do still recommend their site