ReviewMe – interesting (and profitable?) service for bloggers

This post is sponsored by ReviewMe. Few days ago, I saw in my RSS agregator article about ReviewMe. The article stated that this is a new way of getting some revenue from your blog, and I decided to try it. Read the rest of this article to find out more about this cool thing.

Conditional photoshop actions

Link of the day From the site: This is a tool I scripted for myself that I would like to share with all fellow Photoshopers. It allows you to execute your Actions based on Conditions. No programming needed. Just click and define your conditions. your welcome 🙂

US Presidential Speeches Tag Cloud

One very interesting project US Presidential Speeches Tag Cloud From the site: The above tag cloud shows the popularity, frequency, and trends in the usages of words within speeches, official documents, declarations, and letters written by the Presidents of the US between 1776 – 2006 AD.

Autumn with delay

It is snowing outside, so I thought that this is the last chance to show some autumn photos.

3D logic

One great logical flash game (by Microgames) Check your 3D logic I am stuck on level 16 (there are 30 levels) Update 1: I solved all 30 levels 😀 Update 2: Since I was asked (both in comments and on email) how to pass level 16, I have played the game again and made a… Continue reading 3D logic