Testing feedburner

I decided to try feedburner service. So, if you are experiencing any difficulties with my RSS feed – let me know. Thanks

200th post and some statistics

This is the 200th post in my blog. I reached this number for a little more than 2 years. Here are some statistics from s9y statistics plugin (not including this post): Statistics First entry Friday, February 25. 2005 19:02 Last entry Wednesday, March 21. 2007 22:03 Total entries 199 entries Categories 5 categories Distribution of… Continue reading 200th post and some statistics


Shepherd from Dragovita village, Caribrod municipality.

Dimitrovgrad – Caribrod

In case you saw about me block in which I mention Caribrod and are wondering where is this place, here are some links for you: page about Caribrod on Bulgarian wikipedia (на български) page about Dimitrovgrad on Serbian wikipedia (на српском) page about Dimitrovgrad on English wikipedia (in english 🙂 ) official web site of… Continue reading Dimitrovgrad – Caribrod

To bulgarian readers

To bulgarian readers: Съжалявам, че напоследък пиша само на английски. Не остава време да пиша и на английски и на български 🙁 Почвам лека-полека да превеждам старите неща, надявам се скоро да наваксам. Също така, махам Google рекламите за тези които разглеждат сайта на Български 😉


Sorry, my english-speaking readers, the song is in bulgarian 😀 😀