New category: CC music

I just added new category for my entries. It is called CC Music, and I will post here about music under Creative Commons license. Unlike other posts on this blog, all posts in this category are licensed under This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.

Hm, put that salary online!

I am reading some local job ad sites – and specifically PHP positions. If you offer good salary, don’t write: great salary, write: salary N$.(or at least put some $from..$to info. But, hey, don’t make it: 700BGN-3000BGN …) . It saves everyones time.

Glenn Hughes in Caribrod

Rock legend Glenn Hughes will play at Caribrod on May 9th this year! This is a great event for this small city. Congratulations to all who participated in organisation! More info at website built for the event: Glenn Hughes in Caribrod. (currently only in Serbian, but you can ask me is there is something you… Continue reading Glenn Hughes in Caribrod

google offers free advertising for non-profit organisations

The Google Grants program, currently in beta release, uses Google AdWords to help nonprofits spread their messages to a wider audience by providing them with free advertising on This program supports charitable organizations that have a strong mission to help the world and share our philosophy of community service. Typically these are in areas… Continue reading google offers free advertising for non-profit organisations

Choose s9y

In case you are currently choosing which blog platform to use: choose s9y. It has smarty templates, very nice plugin system, and its code is really good. If you want to see how it looks like, well, you are looking at one version right now 🙂 For more templates check:

bgsalsaopen – sofia

Bg Salsa Open is bulgarian national salsa competition. It is divided in three events: plovdiv salsa open, sofia salsa open and varna salsa open. Sofia event was held last weekend. I was there and photographed, but photos will come later. for now, here are (almost) all participants: