Listening to song lyrics

I just talked about this with one of my friends. He pays big attention to song lyrics. Actually, he knows the words even of the songs that he does not like. I, on the contrary, just listen to the music. Actually, if it is Serbian or Bulgarian song, it is highly probable that I will… Continue reading Listening to song lyrics

Hilarious – MVC song

Notice: following link is for developers only, if you are not such, clicking on it will just waste your time 😀 MVC song (listen to the .mp3) now, close those editors and go out 😀

Just another blog? Nooo.. You have to follow this one

chegevara, vpopovic, Vlado – all those are (nick)names of same person, which I respect very much. After resisting the blog wave for a few years, he finally started one. Expect great photos and articles there (in serbian). and the link itself: In order to see some of his work, you can check his Montenegro… Continue reading Just another blog? Nooo.. You have to follow this one

My name is …

I saw that someone found my blog after searching for Робърт Иванов. Since I write my name in Bulgarian in slightly different way, I will describe here the reasons. My name is Robert Ivanov. Robert is transcribed in Bulgarian Cyrillic as Робърт (which is closer to English pronouncing), while in Serbian it is written as… Continue reading My name is …