Rob (Robert Ivanov)

Proud dad and husband.

Web developer and indiehacker.
Exploring a lot of hobbies and interests.


I’m available for hire as:

👨‍💻 fullstack consultant – I have worked professionally as web developer since 2002. I’ve seen it all.
Get in touch if you need help with web sites, apps, automation, or maintenance of your web properties.

🎧 tech interviewing/screening – I help you hire the best talent. 600+ interviews conducted and counting


I am:

👨‍🌾 Growing veggies in my garden

🪄 exploring nocode and low-code tools

🤖 playing with AI, especially Stable Diffusion

✍️ writing my first comic

☕ enjoying making coffee with my manual lever espresso machine

I used to (but no longer actively):

ꔮ sim race on iRacing

🪚 practice hand tool woodworking

🧑‍🏫 teach in my uni and in my private school

👥 own and maintain a few online communities

📸 work as a photographer

🎸 have a band