I have made so many photos and almost none of myself. This weekend I worked on this and here is the result – selfportrait with Title: ‘It’s not so black’ Click on thumbnail for bigger version

Brainbench certificate

Mine Brainbench certificate for job role Web Developer BCIP (Brainbench Certified Internet Professional Program) has arrived 🙂 In order to earn this certificate I have taken following exams: HTML 4.0 Programming Concepts RDBMS Concepts Web Development Concepts Perl PHP 4 SQL (ANSI) Javascript If I have payed for taking those tests (some of them are… Continue reading Brainbench certificate

Back to work

Monday and Tuesday were non-working days, due to National holiday St Kiril and St Methody. Four days of rest. Now recharged with energy – back to standard tasks. Also, I have some more ideas for my standalone projects (but, I will write about them later)