Brainbench certificate

Mine Brainbench certificate for job role Web Developer BCIP (Brainbench Certified Internet Professional Program) has arrived 🙂
In order to earn this certificate I have taken following exams:

HTML 4.0
Programming Concepts
RDBMS Concepts
Web Development Concepts

If I have payed for taking those tests (some of them are payed) – I would have to pay 349,65$. But, there are periods when all tests are free (very short periods and not so often), and I took andvantage of them – I payed 0$.

The most interesting thing is that Brainbench mailed me my job role certificate free of charge. It was month and a half ago.
Yesterday I picked big letter from my mailbox – it was in!

Almost not damaged (kind of surprised), just little twisted.

And if you ask yourself how it looks like, here it is:

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