My SEO didn’t work?

I wrote that I have made few changes in order to improve my Page Rank – I did some SEO. Interesting thing is that my Search Status Firefox plugin says: "Your site has Google PR 0/10". Very strange! And the most interesting thing is that SEO tools I use keep saying that my Google PR… Continue reading My SEO didn’t work?

Little SEO

I have – made some Search Engine Optimisation in last few days (mod_rewrite and similar) – registered my blog to some bulgarian portals, and also to the photoblogs site – made link exchange with my old (virtual) friend – Cvele We’ll see how will this end 🙂

I added my blog to the photoblogs. Actually, I tried to be as honest as I could, so I pointed them to my ‘Photography’ category. Fair enough 🙂 I found some interesting blogs out there. Go and take a look yourself.

Canon AF 85mm F/1.8 USM

Do you know which lens I wanted to buy even before I bought mine camera? No? It was Canon AF 85mm F/1.8 USM. The news is that I ordered it (and payed). I should receive it today (or tomorrow). Can’t wait … really can’t wait … 😀

Google and SiteMaps

Take a look at this new protocol sitemaps, Google will use it for smart indexing of sites. Btw, do you know this site: – take a look 🙂

Another must-have Firefox extension – View rendered source

I have already written about Firefox and that I use it as my primary browser. Actually I use other browsers only when testing pages I develop. One of the biggest advantages of Firefox are its extensions. Those days I am working on XmlHttpRequest with JavaScript (also known as AJAX technology). By viewing the source of… Continue reading Another must-have Firefox extension – View rendered source