Canon AF 85mm F/1.8 USM – it is here!!!

The title says it all 🙂 😀

It is fun to shot at f/1.8. What a bokeh!
The bad thing is that it looks to me that I receive some kind of backfocus 🙁

I will test this more accurately during next days …

P.S. I will write here one decision, just in case I decide to broke it:
"No photo purchases until 2006 is here"

I do need some other stuff like good, big, stable tripod, some filters (like Polarizer, Density, UV) and a bigger Compact Flash card.
But, I have already givven a lot of money to the ‘photo-equipment-fond’ – enough 🙂
So, unless there is some extremely good offer on something that I do need – I might reconsider this one. The other way is to sell something and purchase something else. The way I see it – I will sell my vivitar 500mm and buy some cheap Canon or Sigma zoom with 300mm at long end. But until then, I will experiment with my mirror lens and like one user on DZ says:
"Keep walking, keep shooting"

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