Serendipity reloaded

For a long time I wanted to do upgrade to my blog software (I use Serendipity). Yesterday I had few minutes of free time and I decided to download latest stable version and at least take a look at READMEs. What surprised me was the fact that all I had to do is to upload… Continue reading Serendipity reloaded

Link of the day

again one link from russian internet: new types of animals take a look at those perfectly edited pictures

DHTML and games

You think that web technologies are not appropriate for games? Well, you are wrong. There are a lot online games that are browser based. They use Flash/Shockwave or Java technologies. If the game is not graphic intensive, you can use simple HTML for output. There are many examples – from popular yahoo games, to miniclip… Continue reading DHTML and games

Google 7th birthday

According to alt text of current Google logo – Google has its seventh birthday 😀 Congratulations!

Link of the day

you think that you have seen all these drops pics? You think that there is no way that they can impress you? Take a look at this ones: drops Speachless! P.S. thanks to Dincho for the link

Find best Properties in Bulgaria at one place

There is something very interesting happening in Bulgaria in last few months. Enormous number of sites were created about real estates and properties in this country. I even see billboards advertising those sites. Really amazing, knowing that local firms usually don’t care too much about having site and (oh my god) paying for its maintenance… Continue reading Find best Properties in Bulgaria at one place