Euro basketball 2005 – Belgrade and Podgorica – my view

Of all sports I like basketball the most. It is very technical sport, with dynamic game and every minute is important. Even watching middle-class teams can be interesting. The other sport I really like is voleyball (but, I will talk about it in some other case).

Back to The game.
As you might know – european basketball championship for men is taking place in Serbia and Montenegro (Srbija i Crna Gora). And here is my view:

First of all, I must say that I am on two sides: the hosts and Bulgaria. Happily they are in different groups, so I didn’t have to think about which fan I am more 😉

And, the last results say, that I won’t have to decide this – Bulgaria is eliminated from EuroBasket 2005. Sad, they really gave great games. but, on the other side, even classification for this big event was success for Bulgarians. Again, they proved that they have skills to match even big basketball nations as Croatia, Turkey and Lithuania. Filip Videnov is best scorer in the championship for now: 22.7 points per game. I am looking forward to next games of Bulgarian – they have proven that they have a place in Europe top 10.

Now, about Serbia and Montenegro national team. EuroBasket 2005 hosts were (and still are) promoting the games with slogan: “Welcome to the Basketball land”. And indeed, Serbia and MOntenegro is current world champion, and also has a lot of medals:
gold: five world, eight European and one Olympic
silver: four Olympic, three world, five European
bronze: one Olympic, two world, four european
They have players that are recognized all over the world: from USA NBA fans to the Far East. Some big Names are no long in their national team, so it is time to defend papers on which Serbs and Montenegrians (aka plavi, which means blue ones ) are a good shooters, defenders, attackers and basketball players 😉
They lost first game, after that they won second two. Now, as second in ther group they are moving on to the 1/8 finals. I hope to see them taking gold medals again.

You can take a look at official site of Eurobasket. And here is the mascot in serbian national dress:

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