WebTech 2006

Introduction: There is only one conference about web technologies in Bulgaria. However, that one conference is a very good one. It is called WebTech and it is organised by OpenIdeasCompany. They have organised two conferences so far: WebTech 2004 and WebTech 2005. I was one of lectors at WebTech 2005 with presentation about PHP PEAR.… Continue reading WebTech 2006

Google for advanced users

Do you think that you know the whole syntax of Google search engine? Take a look at this link: Google Cheat Sheet Search Features

Bulgaria – world leader in chess

At Women’s World Chess Championship (21st May – 8th June 2004) Antoaneta Stefanova became Women’s World Champion. On 13th October Veselin Topalov became Men’s World Champion Both are Bulgarians – congratulations to them and all Bulgarians over the world.