WebTech 2006


There is only one conference about web technologies in Bulgaria.
However, that one conference is a very good one. It is called WebTech and it is organised by OpenIdeasCompany.

They have organised two conferences so far: WebTech 2004 and WebTech 2005. I was one of lectors at WebTech 2005 with presentation about PHP PEAR. Take a look at the presentation [in html]. Also I have uploaded some pictures I have taken at WebTech 2005 during the first day.

The big News:

Organisators have set up brand new site. Yes, call for papers has started already, even if the conference will be hold at May 2006.

If you are good specialist, expert or just starting web developer, if you are interested in web technologies or just use web software – then, prepare for the best – WebTech 2006 is in preparation!

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