Blogging about … you

From link to link (yassen’s post about his last photo walk -> yovko’s comments -> his blog -> few last posts and comments -> most commented posts -> scent of a woman -> emancipation -> Lunnar girl) and I ended on Yovko’s blog, reading some (very) old posts amongst which the “Lunnar girl” (in bulgarian).… Continue reading Blogging about … you

I have started – a place for bulgarian stock photographers. If you understand bulgarian, come and join us. For my english speaking readers, I suggest: Microstock – great opportunity or just for fun article on заповядайте 🙂


To all photographers who would like to try their skill at microstock battlefield, here are the most popular (and profitable) sites: Buy & sell photos at FT Buy & sell photos at 123 Sell photos at SS Buy photos at SS Buy photos at ISP Buy & sell photos at DT Buy & sell photos… Continue reading Microstock