To all photographers who would like to try their skill at microstock battlefield, here are the most popular (and profitable) sites:

Buy & sell photos at FT
Buy & sell photos at 123
Sell photos at SS
Buy photos at SS
Buy photos at ISP
Buy & sell photos at DT
Buy & sell photos at FP
Buy & sell photos at SX

In you wonder is it worth it – selling your masterpieces for few cents – well, there is no easy money. However, I know people who do this for living, and they live good. Most of other people, that I know and sell on microstock sites, usually receive one check in month or two. This, is all I want. In one year, you could earn enough to buy some really nice lens, for example. If you are good, you can go over 1000$ / month, but you have to be dedicated and work hard.
I have started to upload photos there. I’ll see how it will go.

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