A Beautiful Mind – A brilliant madness

I suppose that most of you have watched A beautiful mind. I did. And I loved the movie.

Well, it looks like the movie has been about real mathematician, who is named John Nash (like in the movie). He was great mathematician, invented the Nash game, wrote some game theories that changed the world of economics, had schizophrenia and … well the movie is pretty much close to the real life of John Nash.

Probably there is some information about this in the movie, but I missed it. In case you want to know more, check the PBS documentary film about John Nash: A brilliant madness.

Quote from PBS site from the interview with Nash:

To some extent, sanity is a form of conformity. And to some extent,
people who are insane are non-conformists and society and their family
wishes, like Alicia and I wish with Johnny, that they would live what
appear to be useful lives.
The consequence of rejecting the voices (in his head) is ultimately not hearing the
voices. You’re really talking to yourself is what the voices are, but
it’s also parallel to a dream. In a dream it’s typical not to be

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