About 52i

Full-time work, hanging out with friends and a few other activities usually take all of my time, so no time is left for photography experiments.

One of my 2010 resolutions is to try some new stuff and to apply some of knowledge I have been gathering in photography field. In order to keep the effort going, I created this category: 52i.

The name means 52 images – one image per week of 2010.

The idea is to try something new and also to post how I achieved the resulting image – from though processes, to lighting setup. This should be interesting to me, one year from now. Hopefully, then, I will find ways to improve things that I see as at my limits now.

I will be glad in case you find posts in this category useful. However, I am not saying that this is the right way to do things. Far from that. It just happens to be the way that particular photo was created.

As always I enjoy reading your comments, so don’t hesitate to post one.

For lighting diagrams I will be using psd file provided by Kevin Kertz. You can download it at: http://www.kevinkertz.com/fm/LightingSetup.psd.zip

List of published photos:

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