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Suddenly I noticed that I am slowly stopping to follow all those IT blogs. There are few forums about IT that I follow (and almost don’t involve) and that’s it.

Maybe I am tired of all this, or I just need a long vacation …
I still like to do what I do (web programming), but in my spare time I prefer to do something else.

– I prefer reading some good book (long time no see). The last saturday I grabbed one book from the shelf and read it in one breath. Just like in old times 😉 The book was Apt pupil by Steven King. Niiice 😉 I like the way he showed the transformation of the pupil. And the way that murderers were described – just the way the murderer felt them – they were not murderers.

– I prefer photographing. Photography is something that I found two years (and few months) ago. Late dиscovery – you’ll say. I don’t think so. I photograph for myself, because I like to do it. I tend to be better, to know what people like and to find out what I like.

The best way to finish this blog and photography entry is to post a link to one photographer blog:
Borissov is member of He is one of my favourite authors for some time. Today I found his blog and I am adding it to the blog list at the right column. Also I am removing some antient blogs that I don’t follow anymore.
Don’t forget to check his site also:

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