Firefox (Gecko) scrollbar-color with CSS

You all know about the big problem of every client-side developer: browser differences. Grrr, I hate those incompatibilities, non-standard and standard things.

Then comes client who has beautiful site, who just want to enable viewing of his site in non-IE browsers.

I am not going to say more … If you ever had such task, you know what I am talking about. If you didn’t – consider yourself a happy developer 🙂

So, all you developers, please write code that follows w3 standards.

In case you have to make colored scrollbar for Gecko browsers, you should know that folks at Mozilla think that scrollbar is part of the browser GUI, so it should not be managed with CSS. And, they don’t allow it. However, there are some scripts on the net which do some modifications to look of the scrollbar.

Today I found one, which is more or less the best you could do with currently standards.
Take a look at this example, which uses CSS3 opacity

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