How I name photos

This is the post that I lost
I will write in short things that I remember that I wrote then

I posted my photo Still alive at woophy forums i order to receove some comments and critics.

One member asked me why this title
and , this is what I answered him:

I usually name photos with names that appear in my mind while I think How should I name this photo. If the name appears clear and my subconsciousness does not offer any new suggestions in a short time – I usually pick it up 🙂

This part of the city is called Old town. So it seemed to me that Still alive could say:
“Hey, I am old, but still alive, and still have a lot to offer”

Also, I like titles that make people think about the title.
When one jurnalist asked Dali what did he meant with some painting (what was the message), Dali aked him what does he see on it. The jurnalist explained how he sees the painting. Then, Dali said: ‘Well, this is exactly what I meant’.
So, I am preety sure that everyone can make his own explanation to Still alive title – some of which will be better than mine and this is the best part 🙂

And after all – above is just my selfexaminationing opinion – who knows why my subconsciousness choosed this title 🙂

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