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I was looking at some stats for my site, when I noticed number of 404 requests.
There were requests for page of my project rbCMS, and also for my presentation for WebTech 2005

When I moved to this server, I decided not to upload the rbCMS, since it is no longer supported.
But why I did not setup the presentation – I don’t know.


Now you can see my presentation at Webtech 2005 and there is also an info page for those interested in rbCMS.

Another interesting thing is that I should finish my first Firefox extension those days.
It is AAENAmazon Associate Earnings Notifier. The name says it all.
Actually, it works now in my browser, but I am too busy to make the options.xul and make it available for others.

Another update is that my homepage at finally got colored. It is just some css and divs (ugly ones if you are using Internet Explorer), but definitely better than before.

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