Photo from Nessebar – old town

On the day of leaving Sofia and traveling to the sea – I bought second hand tripod. I also sold my 500mm Vivitar (in order to keep my promise). I wanted to buy polarizing filter for my Sigma 18-125 lens, but I did not have time to look for good offers, so I went without one.

I thought that I will make many photographs during my vacation.
But there were a few problems:
1) I could not carry all my equipment with me – it was near 35-40 degrees and one loaded LowePro backpack is not something you want on you at those temperatures.
2) even if I decided to take only the body with 18-125 Sigma – I still was nervous about leaving the combination alone while swimming
3) and even when i took all my equipment – wih tripod etc – the problem was that I always slowed down the group, and there was always someone hungry, sleepy, tired or something similar 🙂

I understood that Dincho will come for a few days, so I patiently waited for his coming, when we should go around and take some photos. (btw he has Canon Powershot S1 IS – handy camera with its compact size and 10x zoom for beach photos 😉 )

So at the evening of July 31st – August 1st we walked at old town of Nessebar and took some shots.
Here is the first one I managed to edit:


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