Remember when I said: ‘expect more photos on this blog’? Well, more photos are uploaded, just that they are not on the blog 🙂

I have setup web gallery at

When I am asked by some my friends: ‘where can I see your photos online’, I say that they could take a look at my blog and search for them. I agree, blog is a blog and not a web gallery. Being a web developer, I decided (loooong time ago) to create my site which will have my photo portfolio (among other things). This portfolio should contain my best photos, organized in categories.

But, when it comes to simply showing photos, some of which are far away from being artistic or top shots, it is okay for me to use some open source gallery software. So, I searched the net, tried some of the php web galleries I found, and decided to go with:

I have uploaded to photos.robi-bobi my photos from basketball games.
Also there are new pictures from recent salsa events in Sofia: Salsa Sofia Open and Bg Salsa Fiesta
Here are some of the new photos uploaded, for more visit the gallery.

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