PHP games and stuff :)

I have one idea (actually it is not just one 😉 ) – to develop online php based strategy game. The idea is in my ‘todo’ file for at least year and a half, but lack of the resource called time resulted in not even one line of code. And not to mention that before starting coding, there are a LOT of things that have to be done, when starting such project.

So, few days ago I googled (heh, what a word) little and found few projects. I was looking for some open source php games that will belond to any of the categories: RPG, MM…, strategy … (I have never learned those abbreviation 😉 )

Following links and going from here to there I get to the blog of developer that contributes to some great projects in this area. He is lead developer in some of them.

Take a look at his blog – it is interesting to follow how game engine has changed, how standarts were implemented and so on… There are also links to the games, so if you are looking for some – what are you looking for 🙂

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