Spammers, spammers, argh ….

In order to keep number of spam messages low – I stopped shoutbox.
I saw that I also receive ‘trackback spam’. Spammers use trackback API of ths blog and post links to their sites.
I also receive manually entered spam which is specially designed for this site (or at least they collected info about me). For example I have comments of this kind:

Hello Robi, your site is great. I think that you should check this link ******. They also have articles about photography

I like to track some statistics about blog popularity, so I’ve installed plugin that shows top referers. I also used statistics which terms forced me to post link to the stats. The info was public, ie everyone could read it. So, fellow spammers tried to make another few links to their site by making pages that link to my site, and bots that follow links on that page. This way they get on top of my referrer page in the stats. They even use words as porn, sex, online dating and similar in something that si (at least I suppose so) pages that act as some of the known search engines and again they make fake referers to my site.

Well, I stopped using that statistics (Urchin, here I come 😉 ).
I also activated some spam-prevention plugins in serendipity and I even activated moderation of all comments and trackbacks.

And, what can you do now? Stupid spammers – argh!!!

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