Exams – the most unpleasant part of the thing called being student … Well, I will be a student for at least one more year.

Bike is here

Today I bought myself a bike – Apolon Sprint: I will use it to go to the work. I will use it to travel here and there across Bulgaria with some of my friends. And some other uses might came out. 😉

PHP games and stuff :)

I have one idea (actually it is not just one 😉 ) – to develop online php based strategy game. The idea is in my ‘todo’ file for at least year and a half, but lack of the resource called time resulted in not even one line of code. And not to mention that before… Continue reading PHP games and stuff 🙂


One interesting project can be found here: http://urbanstyle.org/ It is site dedicated to photos published under CC (or similar) license.

Richplay blog

My friend Kai has started his own blog. I am sure it will be another must-follow blog 😉